A little piece of the past is still alive in Austin, immune to fads and marching to the beat of its own drum. Little Andiamo occupies a spot in a modest Austin shopping center, decked in starchy white tablecloths with Italian travel scenes on the walls.

"Down on His Luck Austin Celebrity" Romeo Rose Will Babysit for $10/Hour

When last we checked in with Austin Internet sensation Romeo Rose, things were good for the lovelorn goofball who liked to dress like the Count of Monte Cristo: He was proudly flaunting his bizarre, horrible criteria for seeking a mate on his website,, and offering a $1,500 finder’s fee to anyone who could help him make the match of his dreams.  

Sleepless In Austin is down now, and so perhaps is Rose himself: Despite having once possessed $1,500 to entice people to set him up with a lady who was under 130 pounds; who had never dated a black guy (“that is ALMOST the same thing as beastiality”); had no children; and, of course, wasn’t black herself (“I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry”), these days Rose is using the Internet to advertise something other than his availability as a lover: Namely, he’s taken to Craigslist to sell his guitars and solicit work as—get this—a babysitter.

Furry Friday: Labrador and Cheetah BFFs, Amazing Chihuahuas Uniforms, and Dog-Obsessed Austin

Hello, Texas! Is your Friday afternoon proceeding sluggishly? Worry not: here is a reprieve from said sluggishness in the form of a video from the Dallas Zoo of a cheetah and a dog who are celebrating their first birthday together after a year of being best friends by enjoying a giant popsicle and playing with balls in a bucket with the letters “BFF” on it. 

Why Texas Is The Worst Place To Live

See that headline up there? We’re pretty sure that you clicked on this piece out of a sense of outrage. See folks, we can do what VICE, the snarktacular international media outlet,  does, too. 

Last week, VICE published a piece with the title, “Reasons Why Austin Is The Worst Place Ever” by Luke Winkie (disclosure: Luke is a friend of mine), which set the Internet ablaze in various parts of Central Texas. It was shared over 4,000 times on Facebook, with another 36,000 “likes,” and a thousand tweets; it inspired over 1,500 comments on the VICE page, not to mention the endless discussion on other Austin media outlets—all of which further drove thousands of visitors to share content on the Austin Chronicle and Culturemap Austin. 

Video Premiere: Ian McLagan's "All I Wanna Do"

Ian McLagan was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 for his work with the British Invasion band Small Faces (later Faces) in the sixties and seventies, but he’s been a busy—and very active—member of Austin’s music community for the past twenty years. 

For the past ten of those years, McLagan has maintained a residency at Lucky Lounge, where he and his band—Ian McLagan and the Bump Band—have played during happy hour every week. Tonight, the band is celebrating that ten-year anniversary with a performance at 6 p.m. that doubles as the album release party for the band’s new United States.

How To Survive As An Austin Rock Club For Four Decades

The band Fastball is best known for their 1998 mid-tempo hit “The Way,” but last month in Austin, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the University of Texas-area rock club Hole in the Wall, they slammed through several frenzied rockers from their 1996 debut, Make Your Mama Proud, which the group hadn’t played in 15 years. “No wonder we were so skinny back then,” frontman Miles Zuniga joked.

The NFL-Style Developmental Football League Launching This Fall Will Base Its Texas Team in Austin

A couple of weeks ago, we noted that the FXFL, the developmental football league that hoped to launch in the fall, was targeting San Antonio for one of its home cities. As with many such arrangements, things changed quickly—and as of today, the official announcement has come down that the Texas home for the FXFL will be Austin.

A press release announced that the team will be owned by Tommie Harris and Eric Bassey—two former NFL players with Texas roots—and that the six-game season will take place in six cities throughout the US. 

The Fall Experimental Football League, which has no affiliation with the NFL, plans to play six games in October and November in six U.S. cities. Harris and Bassey will own the Austin franchise, with other teams to be located in the New York and Boston areas; Omaha, Nebraska; Portland, Oregon; and a city in Florida yet to be determined.

Austin and El Paso Would Both Like to Have Major League Soccer Teams

As happens for a brief window of time every four years, America has soccer fever! More people tuned in to watch USA play Ghana on ESPN on Monday evening than watched the Spurs topple the Heat on Sunday night on ABC—and that doesn’t include the 3.8 million who tuned in to Univision to watch the game. That means that millions of Americans saw Clint Dempsey, who is in the midst of his once-every-four-year run as Nacogdoches’ favorite son (briefly displacing former senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and author Joe R. Lansdale), score the fastest goal in US World Cup history, with a quick point 32 seconds into the match. 

Of course, outside of the weeks-long window that occurs during the World Cup, America’s interest in soccer is, to say the least, tame. Nonetheless, there continue to be attempts to grow the game in the US—and there are two Texas cities who have just announced that they have their eye on the MLS prize. 


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