Winflo Osteria

Clarksville continues to be a hotbed of great new dining spots, and this little osteria is no exception. With its chic timbered interior and expansive shaded patio, it lures you in with Italian nibbles such as crisply breaded artichoke hearts and lean carpaccio with a lemony arugula salad. Neapolitan pizzas, such as the classic margherita, combine fresh, bright ingredients and crisp crusts for those wanting to share.

Discovering LBJ’s Austin

Long before Austin became a bustling hub of live music, technology, and food trucks, it was a simple capital city, dominated by politicians and lobbyists. That city, on the eastern edge of the Hill Country, was the Austin of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s day. Though Johnson didn’t live in Austin for much of his life, the city made a mark on the president from a young age. He was only 10 when he began accompanying his father, a state representative, to the Capitol, where he became enchanted by the legislative process.

Larry McGuire's Empire Grows

This week was Rebecca Meeker’s last at Congress. The former chef de cuisine has left David Bull’s restaurant to become a chef and project manager for Larry McGuire’s and Tommy Moorman’s growing restaurant enterprise.  

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with Larry and his team,” Meeker told Texas Monthly. “They’re extremely creative and I truly admire the work they’ve done so far.” 

Boot and Thai

At Sway, any perch at the long kitchen counter is the catbird seat. I sit here whenever I can, even though joining friends at one of the restaurant’s massive square mahogany tables has definite appeal if I’m in a party mood. But it’s a live cooking show at the counter, as one person pounds lethal-looking Thai chiles in a huge mortar, another harvests fresh basil from a wooden box, and yet another deep-fries a whole red snapper. The people-watching is great too.

Austin Chef Named Best New Pâtissier By Food and Wine Magazine

The people have spoken: Foreign & Domestic’s Jodi Elliott is Food & Wine’s the People’s Best New Pastry Chef.

The Austin chef was nominated in the Central Region category a few weeks ago, along with Barley Swine’s Kyle McKinney, Swift’s Attic’s Callie Speer, Congress’ Erica Waksmunski, Oxheart’s Karen Man, and Underbelly’s Victoria Dearmond.


When Rene Ortiz left, Alexis Chong quietly stepped to the helm of this swanky Thai spot. Questions about its future are now moot: the girl is on fire. Raw New Brunswick oysters deftly dressed in a house-made nam jim gave a touch of citrus and a bit of heat to the creamy ocean morsels. A whole branzino, flash-fried till it curled and then topped with clouds of coconut cream and a sweet spicy trail of red jam, was simply delicious.


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