Meet the Official Cat of the Alamo, Miss Isabella Francisca Veramendi de Valero

Nearly a year ago, we noted with grief the passing of Mistress Clara Carmack, also known as C.C., the official cat of the Alamo. C.C., of course, had taken over the role as the historic mission’s feline representative years after the passing of Ruby, who’d served as the Alamo’s cat from 1981-1986. The (scratching) post won’t remain vacant nearly as long this time, though, as C.C.’s replacement has officially been named: Meet Miss Isabella Francisca Veramendi de Valero, also known as Bella, the new Alamo cat. 

Facebook Is Not Letting the Story of the Vet Who Killed a Cat With a Bow and Arrow Go

By now, you’ve probably heard of Kristen Lindsey. She’s the veterinarian from Brenham who’s given more bad press to the state than Blue Bell after she posted a picture on Facebook of herself, smiling and holding an arrow with a dead cat on the end of it:


Meet the Woman Trying to Open Texas' First Cat Cafe

Rebecca Gray has traded in her career as a researcher to open the Blue Cat Cafe, the first cat cafe in Texas. 

Inspired by other cat cafes around the countrythe world, and, quite possibly, Thomas O’Malley the Alley Cat (“Everybody’s pickin’ up on that feline beat, cause everything else is obsolete”), Gray wants to create a space where people can browse the Internet, maybe meditate a little or do some yoga, and pet cats all in the same place. It will be a mystical, cat-filled oasis, where kitties are free to walk across keyboards to their hearts’ content.

Cat Power

My marriage to Michael began cat-free. After all, Michael didn’t like cats. He’d tell you so outright: Cats are standoffish. They don’t have a personality. Cats aren’t fun. No cats. 

San Antonio Is Home to This Very Fat Kitty

Chubby animals are adorable, but Melvin, a 26-pound tomcat rescued from a San Antonio home earlier this month, isn’t just a roly-poly little guy to roll around: He’s the fattest cat ever recorded at the city’s Animal Care Services, and as cute as it sounds, that’s actually a very dangerous thing for the animal. As (which also has photos of Melvin) reports

[Dr. Marilyn] Gotbeter [chief veterinarian at Animal Care Services] said obesity is a snowball effect: the animal begins to gain weight when it doesn’t exercise and eventually it becomes too fat to exercise, which brings on other physical problems such as arthritis, heart problems and other issues.

“When we have them out working with doctors, even if they are barely moving, they get exhausted very quickly,” she said. “They basically pass out.”

The two felines have a long road to recovery, said Gotbeter, but with a caring owner, it is possible.

Furry Friday: Cat Rescued From Montrose Fire In Houston Is Singed, But Purring

The five-alarm fire that overtook an apartment building that was under construction in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston became a major national headline this week. It involved daring escapes and rescues, a city struggling to find ways to properly thank the firefighters who contained the blaze—and at least one cat who was found nearby with serious burns, but her purr intact.

The Montrose Vet Clinic treated the animal—whom they dubbed “Phoenix,” naturally—after it was brought to their doors by someone who discovered it in a nearby townhouse’s garage. The Houston Chronicle reports that Phoenix looks like she’s been through a heck of an ordeal, but that she’s a friendly cat who’s purring and eating on her own. 


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