Six Must-Attend Events: October 18-23


The Dome’s Destiny
A November 5 bond vote in Houston could determine the fate of the Astrodome. If the bond passes, the Astrodome, once heralded as the eighth wonder of the world, is likely to be converted into a convention hall, the memories forged there since the Astros’ opening day, in 1965, still somewhat intact. If the bond is defeated, the Astrodome is likely to feel the fury of a wrecking ball.

Six Must-Attend Events: Sept. 13-20


Fair Play
Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing, the Houstonians known as the Art Guys, are conceptual artists of the highest order. Some of their recent projects include marrying a tree at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and running continuously around an intersection as part of the monthly “12 Events” series commemorating their thirty years of collaboration.


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