Houston History For Sale: $5

I don’t usually respond to email invitations from people I don’t know, but the invite from Judy Robinson, who runs one of Houston’s A-list estate sale companies, was hard to resist: “Estate Sale from the Houston Residence of the late Mildred Yount Manion II, Heiress from an Important Texas Oil Family and Kentucky’s Famous Spindletop Horse Farm.”

Hunger + Games

What should you expect when you eat at the Pass? To have your mind messed with, in the best possible way. That is the conclusion a friend and I reached when, in a happy daze, we polished off the last bite of an eight-course tasting menu at Houston’s hot new dining spot.

The Breakfast Klub May Have the Best Wings & Waffles in America

The Breakast Klub, one of Texas Monthly’s 40 best breakfast places, will be featured in a Wings & Waffles Showdown today on the Steve Harvey Show.

The Houston restaurant has long been recognized in both local and national media for its signature wings and waffle dish–six crispy chicken wings and a buttery Belgian waffle topped with powdered sugar and a fresh strawberry.

Where to Eat Now

Numerous factors account for the urbanization that has transformed Texas over the past forty years. But perhaps the most important is an amendment passed by the state legislature in 1970 that paved the way for restaurants in Texas to sell liquor by the drink. It seems odd, but before then, alcohol was not such a kingpin in the world of upscale dining (today, many restaurants with bars count on making a third of their revenue from the sale of cocktails, beer, and wine).


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