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Anvil is the grande dame of the Houston cocktail scene. Indeed, it’s one of the most influential bars on the Gulf Coast, a veritable Ellis Island for talented bartenders who pass through its doors on their way to establishing their own cocktail programs around the country. 

Loaded Guns, Knives, and Other Things Texans Tried to Travel With in 2014

Air travel is hard. What with those pesky checked bag fees and all the tedious rules about how to pack liquids in carry-on bags, it’s easy to make a mistake and get stopped by airport security. Maybe you forgot your Swiss Army knife was still in your purse, or you accidentally left your corkscrew in your backpack—it happens to the best of us. All we can do is apologize profusely, allow the TSA agents to confiscate our contraband items, and move on with our travels.

Sometimes, however, people leave for the airport in such a hurry, they apparently forget to check their bags for things like, oh, loaded guns or throwing stars. Last year was a banner year for such forgetfulness.

Stories Of Police Violence In Texas Are All Over The Internet Right Now

The relationship between police and the people they’re tasked with protecting and serving is strained everywhere right now, after grand juries failed to indict the policemen who caused the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York, and an officer shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice moments after arriving on scene. The amount of attention being paid to the interactions between officers who use force on people suspected of crimes seems to have reached a new height.

In that climate it is unsurprising that two Texas stories went viral nationally over the weekend. 

There Is Going To Be A Bill Hicks Statue In Houston

Bill Hicks’ name has been in the news recently for very weird and dumb reasons, despite the fact that the comedian died twenty years ago. In his lifetime, he wasn’t particularly famous—he made occasional appearances on late-night television, but the sort of big-time success that household-name comics achieved in the early 90’s eluded him until his death, in 1994, of pancreatic cancer. (Denis Leary, whose most successful routines from that period sound an awful lot like more obscure routines that Hicks did years earlier, managed to find it, though.) 

The Astrodome Is Getting a $63,800 Power Washing Next Month

In recent years, there have been many questions concerning the Astrodome. Those questions have ranged from “what else could you do with the iconic building” to “should they just blow it up” to “wouldn’t it be better if it were tiny?” And now, we can add a new one to the list. Namely: “Why is it so dirty?” 

Whatever the future holds for the Astrodome, as of this December, it at least won’t be covered in grime for a while. According to the Houston Chronicle, the building is in for “a serious power-washing” starting in December and running through January

Texas Is the Number Three Real Estate Market in the U.S. for Foreign Homebuyers

Real estate in Texas—like a lot of economic indicators in Texas—is booming. That’s especially true in the biggest cities. And the extent to which that boom is driven by foreign investment is growing, too. It’s a trend that’s been in place for a while across the United States, and the rate of growth in the past year has been staggering. As the Dallas Morning News reports

A Houston Third Grade Teacher Is in Trouble For Making Racial Slurs on a Public Access Show

Last week, Duncanville High School teacher Vinita Hegwood was fired after she tweeted the words “Who the fk made you dumb duck ass crackers think I give a squat fk about your opinions about my opinions Re: #Ferguson” from her personal account. The case made national headlines and circulated around the conservative blogosphere, where posts on sites like the Conservative Treehouse ran with subject lines like “Whoopsie – Did A Ferguson Radical and Dallas School Teacher Go Too Far In Exposing/Expressing Her Racist Hatred ?…” while Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com boasted that “ ‘Social media works!’ Twitter pressure helps suspend teacher who tweeted ‘crackers’ should ‘Kill yourselves’.”

Roll Over, Ike Turner

Lets get this out of the way at the top: seeking to identify “the very first rock and roll record” is a fool’s errand, one which writer Nick Tosches likened to trying to “discern where blue becomes indigo in the spectrum.” And yet doing so has long been a favorite parlor game of rock scholars.

Spilling the (Cocoa) Beans

DALLAS — “Texans will smoke anything,” said Scott Moore Jr., a Tejas Chocolate co-founder, explaining why his Papua New Guinea bars are one of his top sellers, to a roomful of hopeful chocolate makers at the annual Dallas Chocolate Festival last month. Another maker had just razzed him for playing up the smoke in his bars, something chocolate connoisseurs consider a defect of the Papua New Guinea bean.


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