Texas’s Losingest High School Football Team Determined to Win

It's been more than 1,500 days since Houston's Scarborough High School won a football game. That's 44 losses in a row, stretching back to September 2009. The seniors on the team have never won a high school football game; they were in eighth grade the last time the Spartans notched a win.

But for a team that hasn't won a game since before the iPad was invented, the Spartans remain calm and, you could even say, oddly confident. They're convinced that a win is coming and the streak will be broken.

Houston, Two Of Your Sons Need To Go Home And Call It A Night

Okay, Houston, we should talk, because you're not going to like what you see here. Deadspin, the sports news and gossip arm of the Gawker network, balances its coverage of breaking stories with stuff like "Tuesday Night Fights," where they snark on street-fight videos on YouTube. And last night's edition featured two drunk H-Town bros brawling in broad daylight at the Texas Crawfish Music Festival in Old Town Spring.  

The video, if it's not clear from the fact that it's footage of two guys trying to punch each other out in the midst of a festival, is pretty NSFW . But perhaps even sadder than the footage is the commentary that Deadspin ran along with it, by Texan Tashina Richardson:

Cooking For Houston's Revival Market

For the past two-and-a-half years, Houston's Revival Market has expanded and evolved into a Heights neighborhood staple. When the much-buzzed-about market first opened, it featured a small selection of local produce and meats, but nowadays, Revival has expanded into a bustling grocer shop, complete with a daily breakfast and lunch menu, cases of charcuterie and meats, and a collection of local farmer, rancher, and artisan goods.

The Federal Grill

With a lively bar and handsome dining room, this youngster (once Branch Water Tavern) on the Shepherd strip is an up-and-comer. Our hungry party sampled nine items on the appealing, upscale American menu. The only quibble: the luscious-looking Texas wagyu burger that could have stood some seasoning (but the hand-cut fries were just right).


Guests flock to chef Chris Williams’s museum-area abode for upscale Southern comfort food with European touches. We cannot resist the buttery hot rolls à la Great-grandmother Lucille, nor the cornbread laced with peppers. An endive-radicchio salad with crisp apple and almonds was lovely but arrived in a creamy Caesar dressing, not in the advertised citrus herb dressing, which would have made more sense.

Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co.

nice fit for the Heights, this neighborly gastropub has appeal—friendly service, craft beers, and an ambitious, if offbeat, menu that includes bone marrow, potstickers, and tikka masala. Truffle fries were fantastic—crispy outside, fluffy inside, and sprinkled with pecorino. Likewise, the hefty Angus burger, with avocado, grilled onion, and cream cheese, was happily devoured.

Batanga Tapas + Drinks

Red umbrellas and twinkling lights overhead create a patio setting worthy of a magazine spread at this downtown spot. And the food measures up to the atmosphere: roasted cauliflower with curry, dates, and cashews; miniature fish tacos with jalapeño aioli; grilled hanger steak with truffle vinaigrette; and biscuit-size duck confit arepas. A Brazilian combo playing in the brick-walled dining room enhanced the mood. A hint: order tapas individually instead of a “tasting menu” so you can stagger their arrival and order.

El Tiempo Cantina

With their newest location, the Laurenzo family comes full circle, returning to the East End, next door to the original Ninfa’s. The solid Tex-Mex menu and cantina interiors are the same, as are the potent margaritas and addictive green sauce—we’ve made many a meal out of just that—but the nostalgia of Navigation is undeniable. We often share the fabulous crab nachos but opted this time for caldo xochitl, a hearty chicken and vegetable soup with rice, avocado, and pico de gallo mixed in.


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