Going Secular at SXSW

As Gungor concluded its South by Southwest set at the Red Eyed Fly, a grungy downtown Austin club, a fan in the front row started shouting at the band. It was a familiar request: to sing just one more song. “Play ‘Beautiful Things’!” she yelled as the musicians started to clear the stage of guitars and keyboards.

Two People Died At SXSW Last Night in a Car Accident That Injured 23

Shortly before one o’clock on Thursday morning, a car turned onto Red River in Austin—a street lined with rock clubs and music venues, and one that was barricaded off for five blocks to allow pedestrians and cyclists to move freely—and struck and killed two people who were getting onto a moped. Before the car stopped, it had driven through the crowd, leaving the total number of injured at 23. 

The Line for Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel" at SXSW Last Night Was Unbelievable

Wes Anderson is a Texan, but he belongs to the world. At least, he spends more time making movies about far-flung locales (say Budapest) than Houston, the city in which he was born and raised; Austin, where he was educated; or Dallas, where he launched his career.


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