Press Start to Begin?

A large cylinder surrounded by various brown rectangles fill the screen of video game graphics artist Jeff Toney’s Dell computer. As he continues to work on the cylinder-shaped illustration, it soon becomes clear he’s creating a three-dimensional tree. He begins adding smaller and smaller polygons to his tree to give it more definition. Shapes resembling eyes appear, then a nose and a mouth. Finally, he adds a mustache.

Live Music's New Normal

This past March, Spoon's Britt Daniel stepped onto the big stage of ACL Live at the Moody Theater, where such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, and Jay Z have played extravagantly hyped SXSW concerts.

This gig was part of SXSW too, but Daniel wasn’t playing with Spoon, and this show was not extravagantly hyped.

13 Rules For Having Fun At SXSW

It's the fourth day of SXSW Music. It's crowded. The schedule app is overwhelming. And badge or no badge, you can’t get into everything you want to. But the festival is what you make of it. Here are a few of my personal coping strategies for getting through it all.

1. Pay for all of your own food and drink 
Look, I get it. Everybody loves free stuff. But how much is your time worth? Get out of line, eat the food you actually want (which is better than the free food) and go see another band.

Ask The Wanderer: Hill Country Antiquing & BBQ

I'm always fielding questions from my friends and family about the best things to do and see in Texas. (There's a lot.) So, I thought, why not share some of these exchanges with you? And if you have questions (or suggestions!) of your own, please post them in the comments below!

Dear Wanderer,

I'm coming to Austin for a week. Would you suggest some places in the nearby Hill Country to go to see interesting towns/go antiquing/eat great BBQ?

Thank you,

Exhausted New York editor

Hello, Exhausted editor! 

Here are a few suggestions off the top of my head. . . 

Fredericksburg is the obvious answer, since it has the most bustling Main Street. I suggest Vaudeville and Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities. (See Texas Monthly style contributor Kristie Ramirez's photos of both here.) There are a ton of wineries/tasting rooms springing up all along Highway 290 too. One of the best known is Becker Vineyards, but you can consult for a full list. If you're looking for a quiet spot for lunch or dinner that's not on the main drag (and not German food), I suggest the Fredericksburg Herb Farm, which not only has a restaurant (check out their peach cobbler below), but also has an herb garden you can stroll through, a gift shop with handmade lotions and soaps, a spa, and 14 small cottages.


Found in Translation

On the last night of Chicago’s 2012 Lollapalooza music festival, the sun set over a crowd of thousands who had stood for hours waiting to see Jack White, the headliner. A figure strode onto the stage, tipping off a cascade of cheers.

But it was not the alabaster-skinned guitarist; it was Barbie Parker, the festival’s lead sign language interpreter.


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