Listen to a World Premiere of “250,000 Things,” by Cody Canada and the Departed

Cody Canada may be from Oklahoma, but the former Cross Canadian Ragweed frontman has called New Braunfels home for many years, and his new band, Cody Canada and the Departed, is a Texas proposition.

The Departed will release its first album of original material, Adventus (the Latin word for “arrival”), on November 13.

The first single from the new set, “Worth the Fight,” is already out, but listen to an exclusive debut of “250,000 Things” here. 

How Billy Gibbons Got His Groove Back

Put yourself in Billy Gibbons’ shoes. Back in the eighties, you fronted one of the biggest bands in the world. You sold tens of millions of albums, toured the globe incessantly, and became the weird, bearded face of Texas cool. But that was a generation ago, and now you and your bandmates are in your sixties and want to prove that you’re still relevant. What could you possibly do?

Rocky Ascent

In 1979, under the headline “Lone Star Legend,” Rolling Stone profiled Rocky Hill, detailing the Houston guitarist’s career, which was too often derailed by stubbornness and self-sabotage. The piece refers to an unreleased album that the writer guessed might trigger Hill’s transition from a regional guitar hero to a national one.

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