Tavern on the Bay

The mood is always festive while eating alfresco over the water in Corpus Christi marina, even on a rare inclement day. Cathy Harrison’s menu offerings are numerous and varied; we particularly enjoy the “crab puppies,” the pecan-crusted shrimp, and the grilled snapper filet. (3/14)


Walking into Frederick's makes us feel like insiders—maybe it's the around-the-corner entrance; the dim, cool interior; the glitzy little bar. Mostly it's that we can get sublime food, showcasing the best of French technique and Asian flavors (both elements of chef Frederick Costa's heritage, shared here in the kitchen with his brother Michel). We never stray far from seafood, always fresh and delicately sauced, as with a recent flounder with Thai curry and coconut milk beurre blanc.


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