Searching for the best food the state has to offer, plus authentic Texas recipes and restaurant reviews for Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, and everywhere in between.

Francesca’s at Sunset

Just as splendid and shining as the panoramic view from the city lights to the hills were the meticulously prepared venison, duck breast, and quail that exemplified the largely Texas-inspired and -sourced menu. This food surpasses the usual resort fare and deserves its reservations-required reputation. Portions are large enough to satisfy a hearty steak-and-potatoes yearning, but the culinary technique is exemplary, resulting in splendid sauces and lovely presentations.

How to Bake a Pecan Pie

In Texas, a Thanksgiving spread without pecan pie is like Willie without Trigger. “People just expect it,” says Bud “the Pieman” Royer, whose restaurant, Royers Round Top Cafe, in Round Top, ships thousands of pies across the nation during the holidays. “It brings back memories of Grandma baking pecan pie in her kitchen.” But more important than nostalgia, serving the dessert is a matter of Texas pride—the pecan is, after all, our state tree.


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