Live Fire Lineup Announced and It Looks Like a Hot Ticket

The much-anticipated Live Fire announced its chef lineup this week, and if fast-selling tickets are any indication, this will be yet another stellar year for the annual culinary benefit. This marks the fourth year since the event was first launched by the Austin Food & Wine Alliance to raise funds for culinary grants, and since 2012, the Alliance has distributed over $45,000 to local artisans and purveyors.

Frozen Margarita

The most popular cocktail in the state, the frozen margarita should be counted among the icons of Texas patriotism, alongside the Lone Star flag and the bluebonnet. Ubiquity, however, does not equate with quality, and therein lies a conundrum. The slushy drink is everywhere, and yet it seems to have lost its way. 

You Never Can Tell

What! No Russian caviar? No experiments in modernist cuisine involving burnt hay and foraged reindeer moss? No pterodactyl-size lobsters?! I’m looking at the menu at La V, one of Austin’s most-anticipated new restaurants, and I am not seeing the hoary hallmarks of fine dining. As we all know, there are certain eternal verities, one being that restaurants with plush venues and remarkable wine lists serve elegant fare.

Peach Ice Cream

Before the advent of air-conditioning, on summer afternoons Texans would sit on the porch to keep cool. They would sip tall, cool glasses of iced tea or lemonade, and if they were feeling especially industrious, they would crank up a batch of ice cream, too.

Brunch With the Homesick Texan

Even though she is an expatriate, Lisa Fain is the most Texan Texan I’ve ever met. Her roots go back seven generations, and her identify has only solidified since she moved to New York, following a life-long dream, in 1995. In 2005, she started a blog in which she waxed nostalgic about her Texas childhood and posted recipes that reminded her of home (she loves to cook). The blog became so popular that it led to The Homesick Texan Cookbook, published in 2011.


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