Life at Sea

Roughly ninety percent of the world's goods travel by sea. And many of those goods—like cars, grain, and electronics—travel through the Port of Houston, the nation's second largest port by tonnage. If you're driving on Interstate 10 towards Beaumont, the port is hard to miss; it sprawls across 25 miles of shoreline. And yet few have any insight into the journey a container of flatscreens, say, takes to arrive at Target.

Untroubled Waters

It had been a couple of years since I’d been in a kayak, and I was rusty with a paddle. As I made my first wobbly strokes into the Colorado River near historic downtown Bastrop, I tried to remember the finer points of proper blade angle and torso rotation and to recall that rescue technique that has something or other to do with the hand of God. And then I looked downriver and forgot about all of that.


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