Take a Brake


Long road trips, like life, are about the journey, not the destination. And it’s the pit stops along the way that make or break your voyage. A good roadside respite is transformative, pacifying pent-up children and saving many a marriage. Since Texas has more miles of highway—upwards of 310,000—than any other state, we’re serious about our pull-offs (see Buc-ee’s).

Canning the Ban

In the summer of 2011, New Braunfels, the watery old town between Austin and San Antonio, was undergoing an invasion. Sweaty refugees, turned away from rivers elsewhere in Texas whose waters had been diminished by the worst one-year drought in history, found solace in the town’s spring-fed Comal River. They came in great numbers, and they came to tube.

Life at Sea

Roughly ninety percent of the world's goods travel by sea. And many of those goods—like cars, grain, and electronics—travel through the Port of Houston, the nation's second largest port by tonnage. If you're driving on Interstate 10 towards Beaumont, the port is hard to miss; it sprawls across 25 miles of shoreline. And yet few have any insight into the journey a container of flatscreens, say, takes to arrive at Target.


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