Marfa: Trans-Pecos Gathering of Music + Love

In one of my favorite descriptions of Marfa, writer David McDannald points out that sometimes it’s “a shadow of a town” and sometimes it’s “a desert Mardi Gras.” At the end of this month, West Texas’s buzziest destination will be lit up like Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday when hundreds of Austinites and Brooklynites and Portlandiers (okay, and maybe some folks from other parts too) roll in for the seventh annual Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love.

Roadside Attraction: Wild Boar Farms

WHAT: Wild Boar Farms, a roadside farm stand worth pulling over for. WHERE: Stonewall, at the northeast corner of Hwy 290 and Luckenbach Road. WHY: For starters, the head farmer’s name is Daniel Bacon. That’s as good a reason as any to patronize this long, wood-paneled structure, which is less a makeshift farmstand than a mini country market. Plus, it’s open nine months out of the year. I went in thinking I’d buy a bushel of the juicy Hill Country peaches that were in season during my visit and maybe one of the watermelons out front, but once I saw the bounty inside—tomatoes, zucchini, pattypan squash, anasazi beans, jugs of peach cider, Oma’s mini cherry pies, I could go on—I started thinking of the empty refrigerator I’d be returning home to and how to fill it. BONUS POINTS: For ample parking, a public (if rustic) restroom for customers, and the sweetest hand-written note about Mama Bacon’s Mayhaw jelly.

Wandering Around the Great State of Texas

If you’ve already picked up your copy of Texas Monthly’s September issue, you’ve noticed that the magazine has undergone a top-to-bottom redesign. In the new Touts section, you’ll find the debut of my Texas travel column, the Wanderer (or, as my colleagues like to call it: Breal’s On Wheels), which will be a chronicle of my three-day trip to a different Texas town or city each month. Since joining Texas Monthly in 2005, I’ve had the pleasure of writing about everything from barbecue and camping to fine art and six-man football, and I’ve probably spent more time on Texas’s highways and back roads than in my Austin office. As TM’s head honcho, Jake Silverstein, points out in his detailed rundown of the magazine’s new look, mine is an enviable job.

A Q&A With Justin Carrasquillo

For his first-ever visit to Texas, Justin Carrasquillo, a Los Angeles–based photographer spent more than twenty days driving all across the state. He covered 4,847 miles and captured more than 13,000 images of vistas, from the mesas in West Texas to lighthouses at the Coast for our June 2012 cover story. Here’s more from the man behind the camera on his travels through the Lone Star State.

How to Beat the Heat

This time last year was the beginning of a record-busting heat wave that gripped the state, with several cities experiencing fifty-plus days of consecutive 100-plus temperatures and an average summer temperature of 86.7 degrees in 2011. Spring rains cooled things off, but the first day of summer is still approaching and with it expect above-average temperatures, according to John Nielsen-Gammon, the state’s climatologist.

Dallas’s Design District

Five years ago, you’d have been hard-pressed to find a cocktail-craving thirty-something headed to a haute bar in Dallas’s Design District, a once-industrial enclave centrally located close to the Main Street District, near downtown. But now the Design District is attracting new retailers, deep-pocketed developers and plenty of shoppers, thanks to a slew of buzz-worthy restaurants, chic stores and daring art galleries opening up alongside brand-new apartments and lofts.


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