Afraid of Losing the Dark

Seventy-five years ago, on May 5, 1939, a group of the world’s preeminent astronomers trekked out to the Davis Mountains to attend the dedication of the McDonald Observatory’s first telescope, the second-largest in the world at the time, boasting an 82-inch, 4,200-pound Pyrex mirror cast from molten glass.

Six Must-Attend Events: January 3–5


I Am a Camera 
In this era of smartphones, many people take the time to crop and color-correct even their selfies and photo-bombs and believe they know a good photo when they see one. So they may revel in—and even learn something about their craft at—“Radical Transformation: Magnum Photos Into the Digital Age,” on exhibit through this weekend at the Harry Ransom Center. 

Six Must-Attend Events: Dec 13-15


Construction Zone
The entries in the fifth annual Gingerbread Build-Off will not be nearly as ambitious as the one the Texas A&M Traditions Club recently built in Bryan, which, at 39,000 cubic feet, was earlier this month awarded the Guinness World Record for largest gingerbread house. But while these competition houses may be modest in size, they are meticulously detailed.

A Room With a Brew

Menger Bar, Menger Hotel, San Antonio

If anyone deserves a drink, it’s the traveler. Which is why the hotel bar is such an important amenity. It’s the place where, weary from her journey, a wandering soul marks the end of her drive/flight/walk from the office and toasts her impending vacation/sabbatical/happy hour. At a hotel bar anything can happen. You might wind up in conversation with someone you don’t know, someone from another town, another state, another world. 

Six JFK Events: November 22


50 Years to the Day
A fiftieth-anniversary observance of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was never supposed to happen in Dallas. The Kennedy family made clear that they wanted the date to receive no official recognition by the city. But the more than $3 million raised for  “The 50th: Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy” came from private financing, making the affair essentially something the people insisted on.


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