Ask The Wanderer: Best Texas Town to Live In?
Thu March 21, 2013 7:35 pm

Dear Readers: I need your help answering an email I recently received (below). What’s the best Texas town with fine dining, a good wine store, and high-end shopping all within a 60 mile drive? Let me know in the comments!

Jordan –

My wife and I have a desire to leave beautiful Southern California and relocate to Texas. We have a gorgeous home within walking distance to the beautiful beaches of SoCal but we feel like it’s time to consider a new lifestyle. So, since your column embodies the blessed lives we two have lived, I figured I’d ask you this question: Where do we want to live in Texas? Our choice is not driven by job opportunities, just quality of life and beautiful surroundings.  It could be acreage, it could be just a couple of acres and a nice home. It could be a golf community—as long as it’s not too elite (we did that here and it wore us out, too much drama)—it could be on water, it could be rolling hills and scenic views. All we need is fine dining, a good wine store, and higher-end shopping within a range of one hour. So, tell us, where do we go? We are dead serious. Ultimately, I’m guessing there will be a total of ten or more family members that end up coming along. Oddly, we have two ties to Texas: One is our daughter, who is going to Abilene Christian (no, we do not want to move to Abilene, though I will take a Joe Allen steak occasionally). Plus, we have a nephew who flies jets out of Del Rio for the Air Force (and no, we don’t want to go to Del Rio). Help us out, Jordan. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Soon-To-Be Former Californians


Hello, Soon-To-Be Former Californians,

How are you? I must say that I am flattered that you and your wife would think to ask my opinion on this not insignificant question! Are there any parts of Texas that you’ve visited that you’ve particularly liked or disliked? My immediate thought is somewhere in the Hill Country. Maybe Wimberley or Fredericksburg or Round Top, depending on how small a town y’all are comfortable living in. And I’d be remiss not to plug my own hometown of Fort Worth, which is brimming with culture (three top art museums), good food (are you familiar with chef Tim Love?), good golf (Colonial), and is the perfect distance from Dallas (i.e., not too far, but not too close!).

I’m going to be querying my colleagues as well as Texas Monthly’s readers on which Texas town they’d most like to live in, so I’ll keep you posted on their responses.

Appreciate your readership!


P.S. Our February issue was devoted to Texas cities, so it’d be a particularly helpful read for your search.

P.P.S. I’ve attached a photo of Tumbleweed TexStyles’s “I’ve Been Everywhere” T-shirt (above). If all else fails, you might consider throwing a dart at it!

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