The shadow of a helicopter from U.S. Office of Air and Marine passes a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle as agents search for undocumented immigrants on September 11, 2014 in Falfurrias, Texas.
A Rio Grande Valley Love Story

Sep 19, 2018 By Eric Benson

Brownsville police officer Valerie Rivas was charged with smuggling her undocumented boyfriend. She’s been acquitted. He’s likely to be deported.

Family Tradition

Sep 18, 2018 By TMPromotions

It takes a certain spirit to handle the rugged terrain of West Texas. It’s a virtual desert with just enough vegetation to make a decent place to raise livestock. That’s why Marvin McKinley Fisher Sr. moved from Arkansas to Andrews more than a century ago. He passed it along to…

Hey, It’s Your Turn

Sep 17, 2018 By TMPromotions

What is The Texas Optimism Project? The Texas Optimism Project is a sponsored initiative between Texas Monthly and Frost Bank. The project aims to inspire optimism through stories of extraordinary Texans. Are you an optimist? Learn more and take the quiz HERE. Now we want to hear from YOU!…