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Meet the Professor Teaching a College Course on Selena and Her Legacy

Mar 31, 2020 By Cat Cardenas

As a first-generation Mexican American in Texas, Nathian Shae Rodriguez grew up in two distinct worlds, struggling to reconcile the dual (and sometimes dueling) forces that make up his identity. But when he would turn on the radio as a teenager living in Balmorhea, and hear Selena Quintanilla’s voice come across the airwaves, he finally felt understood. As a fellow Texan, she was able to move between her Mexican and… Read Story


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The Legend of John Holmes Jenkins

Feb 19, 2020 By Chris O'Connell

He was a notorious deal maker known for bringing priceless pieces of Texas history back to the state. He was also a suspected forger and arsonist. Thirty years ago, he was found dead in the Colorado River near Austin, and to this day a question remains: Could John Holmes Jenkins have masterminded his own death?

The Day The Fire Came

By Skip Hollandsworth

A tale of love and loss on the Plains.

Issue: August 2017

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