Interstellar BBQ

It was a chilly Friday in Austin, but that didn’t keep the BBQ fanatics from lining up outside Interstellar BBQ, currently the Texas Monthly #2-rated BBQ joint in all of Texas.

Chet had a bit of a hard time finding the joint—it’s tucked back in an unassuming strip mall—though the congregation of smokers in a median in
the parking lot were a pretty great clue. After Chet got his bearings he joined the line to find out what makes Interstellar so out of this world.

He found that you can’t judge BBQ joints by their cover. The Interstellar line remained steady all afternoon, even as they began to sell out of ’cue. Travelers came from all around. Some remembered the line was a fair bit shorter before Interstellar made the Top 50 list. One visitor had eaten
lunch there earlier in the week and was back for more. Visitors from as far away as California and as close as down the street were there for lunch.

“The exposure has been a real blessing for my team,” Pitmaster John Bates told Chet. “I can’t put it into words, what it means to us.”

He wasn’t alone there—many of the BBQ Freaks couldn’t articulate how great the ’cue tasted. The evidence was in the picked-clean bones upon the signature pink butcher paper. By the end of the day, Interstellar was full of satisfied BBQ seekers, with many vowing to return for more soon.

All across this state, in the unlikeliest of locales, there is galactically great BBQ. More than just a quest for meat, we’ll explore the community surrounding BBQ joints and BBQ fanatics. Join us as we continue this series and visit the greatest BBQ joints in the solar system.

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