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Eleven Reasons to Move to Dallas

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1. Jobs

For the past several years, Dallas has consistently been on Forbes’s list of America’s fastest growing cities. New residents are flocking to the Metroplex largely due to the strength of its economy. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has the 4th highest GDP in the nation with an unemployment rate well below the national average. 21 Fortune 500 companies call DFW home. With an average starting salary of $38,000, Dallas is also one of the most welcoming cities for new college graduates. With companies like Toyota, Southwest Airlines, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, AT&T, Exxon, Texas Instrument and more officing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Metroplex also boasts an economy that is incredibly diverse.

2. State Fair

One of Dallas’s most well-known qualities is that it is the home of the legendary State Fair of Texas. Held annually just east of downtown at Fair Park, the State Fair of Texas attracts as many as 14,000 visitors on opening day. What do they come for? Well, there’s the Texas Star, the largest ferris wheel in the Western hemisphere. There’s also Big Tex, the fairs 55-foot cowboy mascot. Maybe they come for the Red River Rivalry, when the University of Texas Longhorn football teams battles the Oklahoma University Sooners at the park’s Cotton Bowl. The State Fair of Texas is also the only state fair in America to feature a full-scale auto show. The fair’s garnered quite a reputation for it enticing menu of high-fat fried foods, including deep-fried Oreos, Twinkies, pork ribs, Jello, butter, chicken pot pie (with mac and cheese dip!) and even battered Coca Cola. The fair holds an annual food competition called the Big Tex awards that encourages aspiring-friers to set the bar higher year after year.

3. Brisket

Dallas has a wide range of cuisines, but it is especially well known for its barbecue. Six of Texas Monthly’s 50 Best Barbecue Joints (from 2013) are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Fort Worth has Cousins Bar-B-Q, Longoria’s BBQ. You can find Barkley Bar-B-Q in nearby Grapevine, and Meshack’s in Garland. Dallas hosts Lockhart Smokehouse and Pecan Lodge, which Texas Monthly deemed the second best BBQ restaurant in Texas (after Franklin’s of Austin). The pork links and jalepeño beef sausage are delicious, but you’ll want to be sure to try Pecan Lodge’s mesquite smoked brisket. And make sure you save room for the mac and cheese!

4. North Texas Climate

Like everywhere else in Texas, Dallas can get hot, but North Texas typically lacks the humidity that can make climates in Austin and Houston almost unbearable from May to October. Also unlike its urban brethren to the South, Dallas experiences four distinct seasons a year. Average temperatures in the summer are a low of 76 degrees and a high of 96 and the winter has an average low of 37 degrees and an average high of 58 degrees. Fall and Spring are exceedingly pleasant, with spring bringing beautiful wildflowers all over the city. Take advantage of this climate and save money on your energy bill by choosing a fixed energy rate plan like Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 12. A plan that guarantees one rate all year long no matter the season.

5. Arts

Dallas has the largest urban arts district in the nation. Spanning a massive 69 acres, the Dallas Arts District is comprised of 13 insitutions, including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and more. There’s also Booker T. Washington High School, a magnet school for performance arts that boasts such prestigious alumni as Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. The Dallas Arts District is accessible from all over the city, with nearby light rail stations and streetcars.

6. Education

Not only is the DFW Metroplex home to Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University, two of the top higher education institutions in the state, but Dallas also houses two of the best high schools in the country. US News ranked the city’s School of Science and Engineering at #4 in the nation, with the city’s School for the Talented and Gifted taking the top spot at #1. Other Dallas Public schools also have claims to fame. The city’s Woodrow Wilson High School is the only high school in the nation to boast two Heisman Trophy winners, Davey O’Brien in 1938 and Tim Brown in 1987. Woodrow Wilson is also the alma mater of rock star Steve Miller.

7. Shopping

Dallas’s most famous shopping destination is likely Neiman Marcus. After all, the department store chain is headquartered there. The first Neiman Marcus opened in Dallas in 1907. A fire destroyed the original store in 1914, but by the end of that year a new one was built in downtown Dallas at the corner of Main and Erway. Though the chain now has 42 locations across the country, the old Main Street store remains Neiman Marcus’s flagship location.

8. Restaurants

Dallas is one of the most restaurant-dense cities in the country, and some say it has more restaurants per capita than New York City. No matter the quantity, no one can argue with the quality of Dallas’s restaurant scene. Last year five Dallas area chefs were semifinalists for the prestigious James Beard Awards, including Small Brewpub’s Misti Norris, Tei-An’s Teiichi Sakurai, Lucia’s David Uygur, FT33’s Matt McCallister, and Casa Rubia’s Omar Flores. The Four Seasons Resort & Club at Las Colinas was also nominated for its wine program.

9. Sports

The Dallas Area is home to five professional sports teams, the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Texas Rangers (MLB), Dallas Stars (NHL), and FC Dallas (MLS). There are a number of minor league teams as well. It’s also Texas, which means high school football is king. If you move to the Metroplex, you’ll always have something to root for.

10. Energy Choice

The DFW area is deregulated, which means you can pick your Texas electricity provider. And the market is competitive, which means shopping can become complicated. But, the power of choice benefits your home as you can decide what’s right for your household and family.

There are time of use plans like such as Direct Energy‘s Free Power 100, which provides the most free electricity supply on weekends, when you are likely home and using more energy from your lighting to doing chores. We also like the Give Brighter plan,  which provides solar powered Luci lights to developing countries at no additional charge. Plus, you get one sent to your home to enjoy as well. If you are looking to pay for electricity as you go,  First Choice Power offers a no deposit, no credit check pre-paid energy plan called Power-to-Go.

11. The People

Want to live like a New Yorker but at a slower pace? Dallas, has you covered. Dallas people are a bit edgier than those from other major Texas cities in that they are constantly looking for new ways to shape the state through fashion, art and culture. But this doesn’t mean that they lack Texan charm. Dallas people actively seek to help others with programs like “North Texas Giving Day” and “Give Back Dallas”. Even energy providers in the city like Direct Energy provide Dallas folks with an easy way to shape the world with their Give Brighter Plan. A plan that helps light the homes for those in need around the world.

So, whether you are looking for a new job, want to spend a day with Big Tex, or have access to some of the best shopping in Texas, Dallas will not disappoint.


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  • Tracy McElhenie

    Did anybody bother to do some research? Woodrow Wilson does not just have two heisman winners. Try this: Woodrow is the only high school registered as an International Baccalaureate World School in Dallas, TX.
    It is one of the few area high schools to earn all seven TEA stars of distinction (repeatedly).
    It placed high in Newsweek/Washington Post list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools.
    It received a silver medal from U. S. News and World Report.
    It received the highest SAT scores in a Dallas comprehensive.
    It had the largest engineering enrollment in Texas recently.
    Woodrow has also produced a best selling author and Pulitzer Prize winner among its Alumni, whose name is missing in this article: Lawrence Wright and another Pulitzer Prize winner for photography, Dennis Copeland. And let’s not forget to mention that Woodrow has produced 15 Emmy Award winners.

    Oh heck, here it is. All you had to do is look on their webpage, Wildcat Alumni Hall of Fame:

    (This is only a partial list)

    Wallace Savage 1929, Former Dallas Mayor 1949-1951

    Buddy Minyard 1930, Founder and Chairman of Minyard Food Stores

    Ralph Guldahl 1930, Winner of 1937 and 1938 U.S. Open and 1939 Masters

    Trammell Crow 1932, Founder and Chairman of Trammel Crow Company

    Rowland Wolfe 1934, Olympic gold medalist in tumbling at Summer Olympics 1932

    Davey O’Brien 1935, Heisman Trophy winner 1938, NFL and TCU legend

    Malcolm Kutner 1938, three-sport star at Univ. of TX and 1947 NFL Player of the Year

    Carroll Shelby 1940, Founder of Shelby-American Co., Shelby Mustang car builder

    Jack Evans 1940, Former Dallas Mayor 1981-1983

    Ruth Collins-Altshuler 1940, Philanthropist, in 2008 recipient Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars Award by the Smithsonian Institution

    Jerry Haynes 1944, actor and former children’s television host “Mr. Peppermint”

    Sam Johnson 1947, Texas State and US Congressman

    Curley Johnson 1953, played on Super Bowl III champion New York Jets

    Burton “Bubba” Gilliam 1956, movie/television actor, played in “Blazing Saddles” 1974

    Steve Miller 1961, Musician, The Steve Miller Band

    Jim Mattox 1961, U.S. Congressman and former Attorney General of Texas

    Lawrence Wright 1965, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author of The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

    Dusty Hill 1967, Musician, bassist for ZZ Top

    Thomas Phillips 1968, Valedictorian, Chief Justice Texas Supreme Court 1988-2004

    Alton Lister 1976, Former NBA center (1981-1998) with Bucks, Sonics, Warriors and Celtics

    Tim Brown 1984, professional football player and Heisman Trophy winner 1987

    Travis Willingham 1994, Hollywood actor in “The Guardian” 1999

    Anthony Randolph 2005, NBA Player

    JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT. And the feeder pattern boast excellent Elementary Schools and an International Baccalaureate Middle School as well.

  • Garrett Murphree

    I’ll help you find your perfect home here! http://www.facebook.com/garrettMGMbroker
    Let’s get on it!