Ever find yourself in need of a break? A quiet moment all to yourself—or perhaps shared with a friend—that can recharge your soul and change your entire perspective on the day?

You’re not alone. But sometimes you just need a little reminder to take time for your mental health.

As part of Texas Monthly’s ongoing partnership with Frost Bank’s Opt for Optimism initiative, the Texas Optimism Project is encouraging Houstonians to foster these moments in public spaces with a series of pop-up “Optimism Lounges” designed and painted by artist GONZO247.

From August through October 2019, three “Optimism Lounges” will be installed in downtown Houston to encourage reflection and community. The first lounge will launch at Jones Plaza with the Houston Theater District’s Open House event on Sunday, August 25. The next two “Optimism Lounges” will be installed at Discovery Green and Market Square on September 5 and September 12, respectively. Each lounge contains unique messages of optimism, and people are encouraged to explore downtown Houston and take breaks for a more optimistic view on life.

And while optimism can last you a lifetime, these lounges are only available to the public through October 19. Be sure to pay them a visit and #optforoptimism before they’re gone forever.

This series is part of the Texas Optimism Project, a sponsored partnership between Texas Monthly and Frost Bank’s Opt for Optimism initiative.

Optimism is the self-fulfilling spark that turns challenges into opportunities and can even be a catalyst for better physical, emotional and financial health. With over 150 years of practical experience helping people succeed, Frost Bank is leaning into optimism like never before. Check out other inspiring stories from Frost Bank here.