In December 2013, upon discovering that there was a void for live rodeo coverage in the western marketplace, Wrangler Jeans launched the Wrangler Network. The first and only free rodeo and western lifestyle digital platform that offers 24-7 content to all.

Wrangler Network

As the go-to resource for all things rodeo, Wrangler Network offers hundreds of video clips and full length broadcasts from different types of events, live streaming footage, rodeo scores and statistics, interviews and blog posts by Team Wrangler members and western lifestyle celebrities, along with a great deal of other content that has reached millions of viewers in over 50 countries around the world. In addition to rodeos, there are several other exciting events and features that can be found on the Wrangler Network; including documentaries, cowboy-mounted shooting contests, live streams from country music concerts, candid interviews with musicians, monthly performances from the ACME unplugged songwriter series in Nashville, and others. The Network has become the leading online and mobile destination for live rodeo coverage and western lifestyle content; enabling fans to keep up with their favorite athletes and country music stars, both in and out of the arena.

Wrangler has always been a huge supporter of all things rodeo, from the events and the athletes involved to of course, the fans. With dozens of different rodeo events across the United States, it is difficult for fans to keep up with every happening – let alone attend every event. Therefore, having an online hub like the Wrangler Network, which provides video access to events and helps keeps track of all relevant information, is immensely useful.

Undoubtedly the most remarkable aspect of the Wrangler Network is the accessibility it provides. This platform offers rodeo coverage to all – regardless of location, means or cable access – and most importantly, without the burden of data or streaming costs. Bringing free coverage to fans is an effective way to ensure the sport of rodeo remains relevant and continues to maintain viewership from one generation to the next. From the time the platform was created, Wrangler knew the Network would transform the way fans would view rodeo and to this day remains dedicated to broadening the sport’s fan base and increasing exposure to an unprecedented level.

Fans can tune in anytime online and on mobile devices at or by downloading the free Wrangler Network mobile app.

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