Starting this month Central Market is bringing the tastes of South America’s largest country to a store near you, so dust off your Portuguese-English dictionary and stock up for an epic carnaval that will knock your Brazilian friends’ socks off and get you invited to Rio for next year.

1. Central Market Coconut Water
This premium coconut water comes from a single estate just five miles from the beach, so the sodium content is just right for quenching a post-exercise thirst.

2. Coffee
Central Market is bringing in green, fresh-picked coffee beans straight from the mountains of Brazil, roasting them with care, and brewing them up to order in stores around the state. If you’re serious about coffee, then don’t miss the coffee cuppings, barista trainings, and the opportunity to meet and chat with Brazilian coffee experts in each store

3. Wine
Two words: Sparkling. Wine. The Central Market wine buyers were dazzled by the Brazilian bubblies – and we think you will be, too. Sample the selections of still and sparkling wines and meet wine makers from Salton, Brazil’s first official winery, Casa Valduga, Aurora, Miolo, a winery with more than 2,000 acres under cultivation, among others.

4. Feijoada
This savory, hearty stew of meat and beans is one of Brazil’s national dishes, and Central Market will have it ready in their Chef Prepared area everyday.

5. Pão de Queijo
“Cheese bread” doesn’t do it justice. These baked buns are usually eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, and is the most common bread in Brazil. It’s naturally gluten-, yeast-, and leavening-free. Each store will bake up this bite-sized treat throughout the day.

6. Brigadeiros
Named after a Brazilian general, these truffle-like bonbons come in several flavors and are positively addictive. They’re perfect alongside a cafezinho, a small cup of strong Brazilian coffee.

7. Tropical Plants
Spruce up your table or create your Carnaval headdress with some Brazilian flora, including heliconia, birds of paradise, mixed tropical bouquets, assorted foliage, orchids, or tropical fruit trees, just to name a few.

8. Tambaqui
A rare treat and a true delicacy, this multicolored Amazonian fish is known for its mild, slightly sweet flavor and prized for its “rack of ribs,” a unique way to enjoy fish.

9. Granado
Brazil’s high-quality, much-loved brand of personal care products comes to Texas. Featuring bath and body products that smell great and feel even better.

10. Romeo & Juliet
A true one-of-a-kind treat. These skewered layers of guava paste and white cheese are a unique combination of sweet and salty that neither Brazilians nor their Texas friends can resist.


From April 24-May 7, all nine Central Market locations around Texas will be hosting Passaporte Brasil, a collection of events that will bring Brazilian coffee roasters, visiting chefs, wine tastings, and more to local stores. For a full schedule of events, to learn more details, and to book online, go to 

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