Mensa has accepted a brainy Houston tot into its fold.

Christopher Salvaggio’s 145 IQ qualified him to enter the high IQ society, making him one of a “handful of toddlers” accepted by the organization in recent years, the Houston Chronicle‘s Erin Mulvaney noted.

Christopher’s parents have devoted an entire YouTube channel to displaying the breadth of their three-year-old son’s knowledge. Highlights include a clip of him talking about the valves of the heart, reading about the solar system, and doing kindergarten-level math.

“He asks questions all day long,” his mother, Kate Salvaggio, told Mulvaney. “He wants to know how things work.” As Mulvaney wrote:

To answer Christopher’s questions about digestion, his mother bought him an human anatomy book. The toddler can now recite its contents and is conversant about the inner workings of the human body.

“My breakfast is probably in my intestine right now,” he sometimes tells his mother in the morning.

Unfortunately for the Bayou City, the Houston-born child is relocating to Connecticut to his parents, where he will continue taking online gifted and talented courses through Stanford: