A poster on the Aggie football forum TexAgs.com outed a longtime message board poster as Texas A&M athletics department chief financial officer Jeff Toole, the San Antonio Express-News‘s Brent Zwerneman reported. It wouldn’t be news except Toole, known by the screenname “UtayAg,” expressed some choice opinions after Jay Kimbrough was appointed Texas A&M interim chancellor in June.

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“I was posting what I thought was an anonymous opinion,” Toole told Zwerneman. But as iPanic, the poster who revealed Toole’s identity noted, the CFO had actually owned up to his real name and position in a TexAgs post last year.

Toole also regularly engaged with other posters, telling one, “You have no clue how the money works. None whatsoever. Blowhard.” He also obliquely weighed in on the question of which A&M official—athletic director Bill Byrne or former chancellor Mike McKinney—played the biggest part in hiring Mike Sherman, the current head football coach. (Toole’s posts suggest the former).

Toole, a 1980 A&M alum, said he was writing as a “fan and donor” rather than an employee, though he acknowledged to Zwerneman, “this puts my job in jeopardy.” Byrne released a statement saying he had “taken disciplinary action” and that “the matter will be handled internally.”

Toole also addressed the situation as “UtayAg” at TexAgs, finishing a post with the sage advice to not “mix beer and typing.”