For more than 39 years, Linebarger Goggan has been helping its government clients fund essential public services such as police and fire protection, education and roads. More than 500 cities across the nation count on their law firm to recover the hundreds of millions of dollars they are owed in delinquent taxes, fees and fines. Tom Cochran, CEO and Executive Director of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said:

“Mayors throughout the country are constantly faced with the challenge of effectively managing their city’s delinquent receivables…the Linebarger law firm helps our members meet this daunting challenge head-on.”

It is also a matter of fundamental fairness to the vast majority of Americans who always pay their taxes on time and as required by law.  More specifically, before a municipality or state raises taxes or cuts services, everyone who can pay should do so.  “Evenhanded enforcement reinforces the civic contract.” – Governing Magazine.

Bridging the gap between what is owed and that which is ultimately paid is the critical role that Linebarger Goggan plays for thousands of local and state governments throughout the country.  And, hiring a firm like theirs is a smart, efficient and effective way for most governments to proceed because of the experience, singular focus and economies of scale that they bring to bear and that few governments can match due the limited resources at their disposal.

Making such a decision even easier is the fact that in many states, like Texas, the law provides that the costs of collection are to be paid by the delinquent debtors themselves. And, these same laws almost always cap the amount that can be charged to the delinquent debtors, assuring reasonableness and protecting them from unscrupulous collection agencies. Talk about a public-private partnership that makes perfect sense. 

Yet, with regards to the collection and legal fees that are passed on to the delinquent debtors, “the fees charged are typically only a small fraction of the market rate for attorneys’ services, and if the governmental creditors were not able to recoup those fees and costs the taxpayers would have to bear the expense of collecting from those who ignore their state and local debts” according to Manuel Newburger, a nationally recognized authority when it comes to consumer and commercial law as well as issues related to debt and debt collection. 

And when it comes to regulation and oversight, “successful companies such as Linebarger invest substantial amounts of time, effort and resources into making sure they remain in compliance with the state and federal laws governing the collection industry” states Mr. Newburger, who adds that “as a law firm they must also adhere to the strict ethical standards required by the state bars where their attorneys are licensed to practice law.”



NOTE:  Linebarger Goggan is the only four-time winner of the coveted USCM public-private partnership awards (2001, 2004, 2007, 2010) in the 83-year history of the Conference. The firm’s reliability and trustworthiness are further reflected in their A+ BBB rating.

Linebarger Goggan’s principal office is located in Austin, Texas.