Another week, another round of explosive allegations against former Houston hand surgeon Michael Brown.

This time, an anonymous woman is accusing Brown of giving her herpes in a lawsuit filed in New York. And a twenty-year-old Houston stripper is claiming Brown paid her $15,000 a month to be his companion instead of stripping (how Pretty Woman of him). 

In the herpes case, the woman’s lawyer told the New York Daily News she and Brown began “a high-flying sexual relationship” last summer. Before having sex, they both were tested for STDs, and Brown allegedly told her his tests came back negative. After the woman contracted herpes, she discovered Brown was taking medicine to prevent a herpes outbreak, the lawsuit claims.

“The couple last saw each other Dec. 26, 2011, the suit says, when Brown sent the woman on his private jet to Niagara Falls to visit her family for the holidays,” Barbara Ross wrote in the Daily News.

Brown, who received probation for assaulting his third wife with a broken bedpost when she was seven-months pregnant in 2001, successfully battled an assault charge against his fourth wife, Rachel Brown, last fall.

Dick DeGuerin, who represented Brown at his assault trial last fall, declined comment on the herpes allegations. “Dr. Brown will have an answer in full at the appropriate time. I don’t think this should be tried in the press. This is a private matter between two people,” DeGuerin told the Daily News.

Craig Malisow of the Houston Press tracked down stripper Ashley Brouillette—who also goes by Stacy Shey—and spoke to her about what it was like to date “man-about-town-now-that-his-GPS-ankle-bracelet-is-off Michael Brown.”

Brouillette told us she dated Brown from December 2010 to August 2011, and met him through a fellow dancer at Treasures. She says the good doctor paid her a $15,000 monthly stipend in exchange for not stripping during their time together, also forking out $25,000 for some cosmetic dentistry. She says Brown never went to Treasures himself, but instead dispatched a faithful manservant to procure talent.

At the same time, Brown also retained three other stripper companions for the same monthly price, Brouillette claims. Brouillette said Brown was never violent with her and said Brown would tell her he loved her. The couple would traveled together and spend time in fancy hotel suites, Malisow reported. Taken together, Brown’s saga is perfect Lifetime movie fodder.