In the eighties KATHY MCCARTY was co-leader of Glass Eye, a peerless Austin band that attracted a cultish national following. Her songs were awash in mysterious imagery and old-world melodies, and no one expected her music to stop along with her band. Yet McCarty delivered her acclaimed 1994 Daniel Johnston tribute, DEAD DOG’S EYEBALL (Bar/None, recently reissued), and then…nothing. Another Day in the Sun (Rexy Rex, available at makes up for lost time. Some songs recall Glass Eye’s art-rock explosives (the creepy “Basement” is a holdover), and McCarty’s lyrical acuity remains intact (light “paler than champagne and colder than the moon”). But there’s an open, folkish quality too, as on the wistful title track, where friends “pass around the truth like a worn dollar bill,” that lends her work uncommon depth and staying power.