Deion Sanders’ tumultous divorce from his model wife Pilar, who has continued to live separately in the couple’s 29,000-square-foot home in Prosper, exploded in the media on Tuesday when Pilar and a friend allegedly assaulted Deion—and the former Dallas Cowboys star used Twitter to describe the incident.

Sanders also tweeted “I’m sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys. This is on my mama!”

That message was later deleted, as was a tweet with a photo of Sanders and his two sons that was captioned, “Filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth.” (The photo and the caption are still up on the Twitter hosting website yfrog.)

Some news outlets have speculated that the tweets may violate a gag order that is currently in effect for the Sanders’s divorce proceedings, though Deion Sanders’s attorney, Rick Robertson, told the Associated Press he did not believe that was the case.

Deion Sanders told TMZ (clearly,the most authoritative possible source for such a story) that “Pilar busted in with a friend and began ‘kicking, biting, and scratching’ him in front of his sons. He says he merely defended himself until he was able to call police.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram spoke to a Prosper city spokesman who confirmed that police were called, but also “noted that citizens do not fill out police reports, but they can fill out complaint reports.”

Back in happier times, the Sanders and their children were all part of the Oxygen TV show Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love. But when an incident like this plays out on Twitter (or as reality TV fodder), nobody looks good.

How grotesque is it, asked Chris Chase of Yahoo! Shutdown Corner. “Deion, who just used his children against their mother to win public sympathy points, thinks he’s the victim. And he may even be right.”

“It’s bad enough that Sanders put his business in the street, which nowadays — thanks to social media — winds throughout the world,” wrote Deron Snyder of the Root. “Subjecting his sons to endless teasing and mocking makes the decision even worse.”

As CNN reported, Pilar Sanders is now banned from the home for 61 days under an emergency protective order.

“I understand that I have very little chance at beating a Hall of Fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore,” Pilar Sanders said after her release from jail. “I’m a full-time mom, 100% for my children. And I just haven’t been given a fair shake.”

Deion Sanders also received a Class C misdemeanor citation (as did Pilar Sanders’s friend), though he was not taken into custody.

Accordong to NBCDFW, Pilar Sanders’s criminal defense attorney, Peter Schulte, said “the wrong person was arrested in this case” and that Pilar Sanders suffered a broken thumb and swollen lip.