Barbara and Roy Orbison were married nineteen years before his death, in 1988. Just released are three of the legendary rocker’s classics, Crying, In Dreams, and Sings Lonely and Blue (Monument/Legacy), along with the new DVD documentary, In Dreams, which Barbara helmed as executive producer.

The DVD is fascinating. It must have been a labor of love to put together.
I hang in there as much as I can. I’m really good at looking at it in bits and pieces. When it all is together, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. I can’t separate myself. It’s not just the emotion that it brings; it’s the perfectionism too. It’s very difficult when you work with film, because you always want to get it so right.

You’ve been tireless in your work to preserve Roy’s legacy, and you’ve set up a charity for the homeless in his name. What’s next?
There’s a successful play [on Roy’s life] in England that needs to be brought here. There’s a whole week at the beginning of November at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, in Cleveland, that is all about Roy. And I’m also going to be in Washington. We have a petition to get Roy on a postage stamp. If you go to our Web site [], you can sign up.