Anytime Hollywood needs to cast a sweet-natured sidekick or a no-nonsense authority figure, Barry Corbin’s phone rings. “I don’t really audition anymore,” says Corbin. The Emmy-nominated actor is famous for his everyman looks and personality, which have landed him roles in dramas like No Country for Old Men and Lonesome Dove and on TV series such as Northern Exposure, One Tree Hill, and The Closer. The seventy-year-old grandfather of six will soon begin filming the horror movie The Home. “I play an old geezer in a nursing home,” he says. When he’s not on location, Corbin can be found at home in Handley or in Arlington, where he eats lunch at Catfish Sam’s or plays Texas Hold ’Em video poker at No Frills Grill & Sports Bar. At night he reads in his recliner or relaxes on the couch near his trophy shelf, which holds his family photos and numerous awards.

Items on Barry Corbin’s Trophy shelf

Tommy Lee Jones and I were inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame last year.

Two things when it comes to cutting: You gotta keep you eye on the cow and your seat in the saddle.

That’s for one of my Emmy nominations. I’ve been nominated twice.

That’s my grandfather Leonard Corbin. He loved baseball, cotton farming, horses, and cattle. He’s the first one I told that I wanted to be an actor.

That’s from the Air Force. I did a promo for the Air Force Space Command, and they gave that to me.

This copy of Lonesome Dove had been signed by every single living Texas Ranger at the time I got it.

Those are my grandkids, my daughter, and two of my sons. Cori, my granddaughter, lives across the street.

I won those cutting horse competitions in 1991. I have about seven or eight trophies.

A photograph from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum when Tom Selleck and I got awards for Crossfire Trail.

The entire cast of Northern Exposure won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 1994 for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy television series.

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