FOREIGN AFFAIRS Forgo October’s usual rowdy beer-drinking and bratwurst-eating festivities and instead treat yourself to souvlaki and spanakopita at Houston’s thirty-seventh annual Original Greek Festival. To be held October 2-5 at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the event features—what else?—all things Greek: music, dancing, crafts, jewelry, and of course, food (sample savory dishes like dolmades and keftedes or desserts such as baklava). If you want to keep expanding your palate, head for the New World Wine and Food Festival in San Antonio October 9-12. During this four-day affair you’ll get to try wines from Australia, Chile, and Argentina and take a tour of several Texas wineries. You’ll also sip south-of-the-border spirits like tequila and mescal and feast on entrées created by top chefs from Mexico. And—as the kitchen-gadget commercials say—that’s not all: There are related cooking classes at Central Market, luncheons at some of the city’s best restaurants (like Biga on the Banks and Le Rêve), and a fabulous dinner prepared by celebrity chefs Bruce Auden, Scott Cohen, David Garrido, Tim Keating, Stephan Pyles, and Andrew Weissman. Cheers. (For information on the Original Greek Festival, call 713-526-5377 or go to For the New World Wine and Food Festival, call 210-930-3232 or go to