Some 46 billionaires live in Texas, according to the Forbes 400, the magazine’s annual list of the richest Americans. Only California (with 87 billionaires) and New York (with 67) have Texas beat. (And this means that half of the country’s 400 billionaires on the list live in these three states.) The combined wealth of these Texas billionaires tops $174 billion.

Which city has the most billionaires in Texas? Dallas, with sixteen. (Taken together with Fort Worth, the Metroplex boasts 23 billionaires.) Houston follows behind with thirteen billionaires. The state’s ten other billionaires are scattered between San Antonio, Austin, Cisco, Temple, and New Braunfels.

Where does this money come from? Well, the fortunes of 23 Texas billionaires (unsurprisingly) come from oil, gas, and pipelines. But there are also billionaires with more unconventional sources of wealth: Salsa magnate Christopher Goldsbury, whose $1.35 billion fortune comes from Pace picante sauce, calls San Antonio home, and John Paul DeJoria, whose $4 billion fortune comes from Paul Mitchell hair products and Patrón, lives in Austin.

Richest Texans
1. Alice Walton, $26.3 billion, Fort Worth
2. Michael Dell, $14.6 billion, Austin
3. Richard Kinder, $9.4 billion, Houston
4. Andrew Beal, $8.4 billion, Dallas
5. Harold Simmons, $7.1 billion, Dallas
6. Charles Butt, $6.9 billion, San Antonio
7. Jeffrey Hildebrand, $5.5 billion, Houston
8. Ray Lee Hunt, $5.2 billion, Dallas
9. Robert Rowling, $4.9 billion, Dallas
10. Dannine Avara, $4.7 billion, Houston
10. Scott Duncan, $4.7 billion, Houston
10. Milane Frantz, $4.7 billion, Houston
10. Randa Williams $4.7 billion, Houston

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