The only thing Big John Youk knows better than NASCAR is food. After 27 years working on and around the track, Big John traded in his wrench for a spatula to serve up some of America’s favorite tailgating foods to NASCAR drivers. In his book Big John’s Speedway Grill he spills the beans on his favorite recipes and tales from the track.

Just like NASCAR, there’s nothing “hoity-toity” about classic tailgate food, and Big John keeps it that way. He leaves off the garnish, so to speak, and sticks to what’s simple. Breaking the sport and recipes down by region, Big John covers nearly every place where there’s a NASCAR track. He starts in the West at Sonoma and Fontana; moves on to Barbecue Country (Texas and Kansas); hits the Short Tracks of Bristol, Martinsville, and Richmond; and wraps up the coast-to-coast feast in Big John’s Country—Pocono and Dover. At each stop Big John gives need-to-know information about the region and racetracks as well as tidbits about baseball, tobacco, Mardi Gras, and maple syrup just to mention a few.

The names of the recipes don’t leave room to wonder. Big John’s Bad Breath Garlic Bread and Bambi Burgers tell it like it is. And, with irreverent titles like Backstabbing Hollywood Kabobs, there’s no mistaking the West’s cuisine for the South, where Big John cooks up Straight From the Swamp Crawfish, Shut Up Puppies, and Dirty, Rotten, Corrupt Rice.

Big John’s Speedway Grill has something for everyone who enjoys a hearty meal either on the sidelines at NASCAR or at a backyard party. From bologna sandwiches to swordfish, Texas Motor Speedway to Charlotte, Big John knows NASCAR and good food—what a pair.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:
Green Flag Salad With Raspberry Dressing
I Want My Baby Back Ribs
Think Deep-Dish Pizza
Colder Than Snot Chili
Double-Wide Baked Potatoes
Upper Crusted Salmon
Topanga Surprise Grilled Veggies
John’s Mom’s Apple Pie
After the Race Fruit Salad