More than any other city in Texas, Houston is known for its diversity. And like in any other melting pot, a mix of people means a mix of cultures—and a mix of cuisines. In Houston, Culinary Capital: Signature Dishes From America’s Premier Restaurant City, author John DeMers has put together 75 recipes from Houston’s top dining establishments, from steakhouses and barbecue joints to Italian trattorias and Vietnamese restaurants.

In fact, some people might be surprised by the sheer number of restaurants in Houston—more than 11,000. Obviously, Houstonians like to eat out, and their options are almost limitless. Houston, Culinary Capital presents the various kinds of dishes that the reader can expect to find from the city’s star chefs, which according to John Mariani, a food and travel correspondent for Esquire Magazine, are the reason why “Houston’s culinary reputation has been rising steadily since the 1980s.”

Inside this beautiful cookbook, filled with colorful photographs of the city, readers will come across an inspiring foreword by Mariani in addition to chapters broken into the following categories: appetizers, soups/salads, seafood, entrées, and desserts. Of course, the highlight is the recipes themselves, everything from Beso’s Ceviche and El Meson’s Salmon Besnes to Kim Son’s Bo Nuong Xa (Vietnamese Fajitas) and Niko Niko’s Baklava.