If you are like most folks, you probably make the same resolution every New Year: eat right and get healthy. Of course, wanting and doing are two separate things. With Love, From Cynthia is one way to help you get on the right path. This cookbook is filled with good-for-you recipes from Cynthia Collins Pedregon, who co-owns the infamous Peach Tree Tea Room in Fredericksburg with her husband, Hector.

Although this book was in the making for about four years, the author states up front that a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of her life. “Growing up, soft drinks were for very special occasions only—my parents made their own yogurt—we had our own chickens—and later when I was caring for my own family, I was diligent to provide foods that were nutritious for them—carefully avoiding so much of the preserved, prepared foods that began flooding the market at that time.” So while you are out holiday shopping, grab a copy to give to someone you care about—and don’t forget to give one to yourself. Here’s a sampling of some of the treats you’ll find:

Orange Walnut Muffins
Maple Chile Pecans
Fruit Smoothie
Everyday At Home Salad Dressing
Super Good For You Whole Wheat Bread
Herb Sandwich Filling
Oven Roasted Tomatoes
Lemon Penne Pasta With Salmon
Skillet Oatmeal Cookies