Ready for a blast from the past? This spiral bound cookbook goes back to the Dallas Cowboys team of 1979. It was Mary Breunig, wife of linebacker Bob Breunig, who came up with the idea for the cookbook—the proceeds benefited Happy Hill Farm, a home-vocational center for children with learning disabilities. In addition to the recipes provided by the 28 wives mentioned in the book, there are some vintage photos: Glenn and Dana Carano riding bikes, Billy Joe DuPree holding his infant son Christopher, Drew Pearson wearing a muscle shirt, Danny White sitting at the piano with two of his children, and Randy White holding a box of Wheaties.

The book is divided into 28 sections (each a different wife) that all begin with short bios. Mary Breunig met Bob while she was a student at Arizona State University. Nancy and Robert Newhouse met at Galilee Junior High School in Hallsville. Drew Pearson met his wife, Marsha, at the University of Tulsa (Marsha was a visiting senior in high school). Marsha’s father, Marques Haynes, was a Harlem Globe Trotter. While each chapter contains somewhat formulaic recipes from wife and husband—Robert Newhouse’s Favorite Meatballs or Roger Staubach’s Spinach Salad or Pat Donovan’s Irish Beer Bread—the cookbook in general provides recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts, and everything in between.

At the very least, this book is a reminder of when things weren’t so complicated—and when Jerry Jones didn’t own the Cowboys.