Is it true that you aren’t really a Texan if you haven’t had a Lu Ann platter? The folks at Luby’s would like to think so. If you haven’t guessed by now, Luby’s is definitely a Texas thing—the first store opened in San Antonio in 1947. And for generations, Texans have been enjoying the good comfort food served in Luby’s cafeterias across the state. Now, your favorite home-style meals can be prepared in your own kitchen, thanks to Luby’s Recipes and Memories.

Inside this beautifully designed cookbook, you’ll find more than 120 of Luby’s most requested recipes, from Salads and Dressings all the way down the cafeteria line to Desserts (thirty of them!). Chances are you’ll come across one of your favorites, such as Baked Fish Almondine, Macaroni and Cheese, Luby’s Dinner Rolls, Chocolate Ice Box Pie, and Jell-O, which the chain is famous for serving.

The cookbook is also aesthetically pleasing enough to serve as a coffee table book, with amazing full-page photographs. And, of course, what makes Luby’s Recipes and Memories so entertaining are the anecdotes from many of the customers. For example, Melissa Locklear said: “We drive more than 30 miles to the closest Luby’s once a month just to have the Fried Okra.”