WHAT TO EAT? It’s a good problem to have, actually. And in Texas, there are so many options, from barbecue and Mexican food to Southern dishes and Asian cuisine. Luckily, the folks at Quail Ridge Press have done us a favor by putting myriad recipes at our fingertips in the Best of the Best From Texas Cookbook.

This one-of-a-kind cookbook features recipes from eighty of the leading cookbooks in Texas, including The Adolphus Cookbook, Calf Fries to Caviar, Cowtown Cuisine, The Dallas Pecan Cookbook, Entertaining in Texas, Galveston Island Cookbook, The Melting Pot, Rolling in Dough, San Antonio Conservation Society Cookbook, Tempting Traditions, and The Woodlands Celebrity Cookbook. So, if you’re interested in a chicken taco filling method, don’t expect to see a simple list of ingredients in this book. Instead you’ll find a description of the chicken dish, thorough instructions, and even a creative definition of the taco. Some of the recipes are accompanied by historical sketches, photos, personal drawings, kitchen hints, Spanish translations, and entertaining stories and anecdotal references.

Throughout the three hundred or so pages of this cookbook you can explore traditional dishes like tortilla soup and apple fritters, or delve into the practice of preparing more exotic platters such as Italian-style cabbage rolls and venison sausage. Here’s a sampling of what to expect:

Barbecued Pecans
Right-in-the-Skillet Potato Salad
Black-Eyed Peas, Corn Bread, Tomatoes and Onions
Green Enchiladas With Spicy Sauce
Chicken Fried Venison
Venison Sausage and Rice Supreme
Wok Mélange
Satin Rum Pie
Sweet Potato Cobbler
Mexican Kahlua Soufflé