By now, the novelty of the small-town family band Eisley has worn off; it’s not enough that the five youngsters learned to play because they had little else to do or that they went from their parents’ Tyler coffee-house to Madison Square Garden in 2003. Combinations (Reprise) is album two, and it’s the proverbial time to deliver. That they do: The disc’s first three songs certainly make for a powerhouse triple play. Still, Eisley is a tough sell. The DuPree sisters’ sibling harmonies remain a marvel, yet these lovely, youthful voices are an incongruous fit with the band’s hard-rock backing. When they try a softer sound, the music falls flat. So what’s a band to do? Soldier on. This conflict is of course what also makes Eisley unique, and as long as its members can avoid unicorn cuteness in their lyrics (they do) and deliver occasional thrilling, muscular winners like “Many Funerals,” “Invasion,” and “Taking Control,” they’ve got a long road ahead. And if not, Chauntelle, the eldest of the group, is only 25; there’s still plenty of time for all of them to plot a career change.