Prudence Mackintosh

“I am new to being the old-lady neighbor on the block,” writes contributing editor Prudence Mackintosh in her column about Highland Park, where she has lived since the early seventies (“Neighborhood Association”). Mackintosh published her first piece in TEXAS MONTHLY in May 1973, and she hasn’t slowed down since. In addition to being a “perpetual intermediate piano student,” she continues to juggle several writing projects and teaches a course each spring at the University of Texas at Austin. “In fact,” she says, “I may have to write about that next.”


Brian Johnson

When associate art director Brian Johnson joined the staff nine months ago, he didn’t have much time to get settled. “On my first day on the job, we worked until six in the morning to finish up the February issue,” says Johnson, who’s based in Minneapolis. “I’m meeting with my union representative.” Of course, this seasoned veteran is used to a late night or two: he spent the past ten years as the lead designer at Minnesota Monthly. This month, he applies his considerable talents to everything from a country cover girl to priceless works of art.


Justin Clemons

As Dallas-based photographer Justin Clemons headed out to shoot a few of the ten artworks featured in “Straight From the Art,” he realized that capturing the grand scale of these masterpieces would require a human element. At the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, he paid models to gaze at Richard Serra’s sculpture. Elsewhere, he improvised, employing everyone from his assistant, who donned a cowboy hat to pose among Donald Judd’s enigmatic aluminum boxes in West Texas, to an unsuspecting visitor to the Rothko Chapel, in Houston. “She was originally from Houston, just back in town for one day,” Clemons says. “She was thrilled to have her picture taken in one of her favorite places.”