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Jill Greenberg, Dwight Romanovicz, and Katy Vine.

By October 2008Comments

Jill Greenberg

Jill Greenberg

Note Jill Greenberg’s reaction to this month’s cover: “You finally asked me to shoot a hot guy! The other time you asked, it was to shoot a dog named Reveille!” Ah, the vagaries of being a photographer—though the Beverly Hills–based Greenberg is as talented as they come, working with A-list celebrities (Tina Fey and LeBron James) for top-flight publications (Wired and Outside). Always the pro, Greenberg sets high standards for herself. “I would have loved to get McConaughey to take his shirt off,” she says. “It was a travesty that I couldn’t coax him into doing that.”

Dwight Romanovicz

Dwight Romanovicz

Every month Texas Monthly relies on writers, photographers, and illustrators to put out a great magazine. But an electron microscopist? Enter Dwight Romanovicz, a botanist and biologist at the University of Texas at Austin whose skills in the lab allowed for the amazing detail of the photo essay on bees by Dan Winters (“Flying Away”). Winters and Romanovicz spent hundreds of hours looking at specimens together, and they came to develop a mutual respect. “Dan is every bit as demanding as a good scientist must be,” Romanovicz says.

Katy Vine

<img src="http://assets.texasmonthly.com/images/magazine/issues/2008-10-01/contributor_vine.jpg" alt="Katy Vine

Senior editor Katy Vine reported her two stories in this issue in vastly different ways. She went to Candelaria after a bridge linking Texas with Mexico was torn down, where she visited a former store built in 1912 (“Access Denied”). “A local historian told me that I was standing near the spot where a certain man’s head once landed—detached from his body,” she says. More incredible, perhaps, were the quotes she mined for her quiz on education (“How Well Do You Know Your State Board of Education?”. When she’s not hard at work, Vine, who became a mother in 2007, sleeps.

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