Does Bigfoot live in the Piney Woods? Yes, if you ask the researchers at the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Over the weekend, KLTV’s Bob Hallmark spoke with a Dallas man who believes Bigfoot threw a rock at him in the woods while he was camping in Shelby County.

“An object landed within ten feet of us that I know of no human being able to throw it that far. There was one about 10 foot tall. A family group drew in close, three of which got within 15 feet of me. It looked like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie, not human as I know it,” the man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told Hallmark.

This weekend, Jefferson, Texas hosted Cryptopalooza, which, according to Texas Monthly‘s Michael Hoinski, is “a two-day conference focusing on those curious animals whose existence has yet to be proven, like the Loch Ness Monster.” The conference brought together “some of the biggest names in Texas monster hunting to share their stories of mystery and adventure,” according to the conference website.

Couldn’t make the conference and want to go look for Bigfoot yourself? Well, there’s an app for that! (Of course.) “People have been reporting encounters with hairy man-like creatures for generations. Now, for the first time, the entire public database of reported encounters collected and investigated by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy are available for your iPhone or iPod Touch.”

What kind of names does Sasquatch go by in Texas? According to the Houston Chronicle‘s Lana Berkowitz, he’s been called “the Caddo Creature, the Lake Worth Monster/Goat-Man or the Liberty County Monkey Man.”

For a brief history of Bigfoot sightings in Texas (dating back to the 1837 sighting of the “Wild Woman of the Navidad”!), visit this page at the Bigfoot Information Program. The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy tracks sightings on the above map, which can be viewed as an interactive here.