Designer Be Inthavong spent his childhood in Fort Worth and Haltom City, but he never ventured far from his roots in Laos. His latest namesake handbag collection is made of woven leather, handcrafted in Laos using a patented technique on silk looms. Now living in New York, he travels to his homeland to discover and create treasures such as his latest launch: interior textiles.

What brought you to New York? I ended up in New York City after moving away from Texas and living in Rhode Island, France, and Laos. I guess all roads in design and fashion somehow lead to New York. It is quite an amazing city.

From handbags to textiles? I had always wanted to further explore my heritage craft of silk weaving. I’m working with my family’s silk mill in Laos and have developed a patented leather and silk fabric. It’s used for wall coverings, windows, and furniture (residential, hotels, restaurants, yachts, airplanes, etc.). Currently, I am exploring other unique fibers to be hand-woven to make exquisite new fabrics. The interior market is a world that craves that kind of special newness with a storied history. It is a personal creative journey that I have pursued after transitioning from women’s accessories design.

Do you miss Texas? I try to come to Texas as often as time allows. I grew to really love Austin, its unique vibe and urban village feel. I love getting lost in the city and just letting the day take me.

Dream project or client? I ran into Oprah last year in New Orleans and gave her a piece of my fabric. It would be a dream to work on a project for her. I think she will absolutely love it!

Where can we find your fabrics? Our fabrics are available at our ID Collection showrooms in Dallas and Houston.

Shop for Be Inthavong handbags at Stanley Korshak in Dallas and select Saks Fifth Avenue stores.