Texas is again proving itself a place hostile to donkeys. This week an archer (!) slayed a third one of the beasts from the same Fort Worth pasture since 2011.

Owner Karen Oney discovered the dead donkey on Sunday. In October 2011, Oney found two of her donkeys killed with an arrow. No arrests were ever made in those crimes.

“What pleasure do you get? We see how friendly they are—they come right up to you—so what kind of sport is that? I don’t get it at all,” Oney said

Around 15 donkeys live on Oney’s cattle farm. They protect Oney’s young calves from predators, she explained to the television station.

The first two donkey victims were sisters, Oney told DFW’s NBC 5 last year. “[Their mother] wouldn’t leave them—didn’t eat all day, just stood around and looked at them,” Oney said. “I just want us to find out who did it.”

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife had been shooting wild burros in Big Bend State Park earlier this year, but suspended that policy in March after Texas Monthly‘s Nate Blakeslee penned a feature story about the practice.

Watch a story about last year’s Fort Worth donkey deaths:

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