NO PAIN, NO GAIN You’ve had that one more bite of mashed potatoes, that one more piece of turkey, and that one extra sliver of pie. But, hey, you’re not counting, right? Luckily, on January 1 you can make a fresh start—and, no, that doesn’t have to mean a grapefruit diet. For inspiration, we asked three chefs to create a healthful meal to get you thinking about the possibilities. Anita Jaisinghani, the chef-owner of Houston’s Indika, came up with a simple appetizer: salmon tikkas with coconut chutney. For the entrée, chef-owner Mark Bliss, of Silo Elevated Cuisine in San Antonio, decided on pan-roasted sea bass with porcini mushroom jus, truffled asparagus, and frisée salad. In explaining his choice of fish, he said, “After all that meat, you just want to sleep all day, so I like to eat seafood after the holidays.” Should you reward yourself with dessert? Absolutely. Executive chef Jeffery Hobbs, of Il Solé in Dallas, created an indulgent but light treat: sweet ricotta manicotti with blood orange granita. Enjoy.