Tin Bush-in-the-box with lithographed scenes of the White House that plays “Hail to the Chief” when the crank is turned, from signals.com ($29.95).

Clinger shooter, a tall shot glass with a comical cast-resin figure of the prez attached, from americastore.com ($6.50).

Bush Cards, a deck of poker-size playing cards with mini-bios of 52 members of the administration—which reveal, for example, that the nickname of senior political adviser Karl Rove is Turd Blossom, from bushcards.com ($6.95).

A twelve-and-a-half-inch talking action figure of Dubya clad in a white shirt, red tie, and navy suit with an American flag lapel pin that, when pressed, activates one of 25 phrases, such as “I’m glad to be in the midst of patriots,” from Toypresidents, of Houston, toypresidents.com ($29.95).

Air of Competence, an eleven-inch bronze sculpture atop a mesquite pedestal, showing the chief executive balanced on one foot while concentrating intently on dumping a pebble out of his boot and into his cowboy hat, from artist Lorin Friesen, of San Marcos, [email protected] ($595).