Elizabeth Avellán, the co-owner of Troublemaker Studios and the producer of Desperado, the Spy Kids series, Grindhouse, and the much-anticipated sci-fi action flick Predators, considers her job a mix of maternal instincts and business savvy. “I’m the one who tells people, ‘Yes, you can do that,’ or ‘No, we don’t have money for that,’ ” says Avellán. “It’s a lot like being a mother.” And she should know. The 49-year-old has six children, five with ex-husband and business partner Robert Rodriguez. Every morning she leaves her secluded home on 110 acres outside Austin and drives her black Mercedes CLK 63 AMG, a birthday gift from Rodriguez, to her office. Her passenger seat holds the necessities for getting through fourteen-hour workdays, and since the 45-minute commute is the only time she’s completely alone, she makes the most of it by placing a moratorium on cell phone use in the car.

• My iPod has the sound track to my life. In the morning it gets me ready for yoga, with spiritual music and sounds. In the evening it keeps me awake as I drive home.

• My makeup bag makes me feel confident and ready to go. My favorite brand is Laura Mercier.

• My older boys—the fourteen-, twelve-, and ten-year-old—love comedy, so I have on hand Jim Gaffigan’s King Baby and Beyond the Pale, Ray Romano’s Live at Carnegie Hall, and Steven Wright’s I Still Have a Pony.

• I love to do yoga in the morning. This bag contains gym clothes and nice clothes, just in case I have to look decent for the evening.

• I need to make sure my breath is fresh after thirteen to fourteen hours of shooting!

• This is the Predators production binder. I have updated copy on my office desk, on my home desk, and in my car. This has the cast list, the crew list, shooting schedule, and day-out-of-days schedule.

• My aim in life is to be Christlike, which is a heavy and hard goal. That’s why I have his words close to my heart and mind at all times.

• BlueAvocado bags are an organized system of reusable grocery bags. They are simple and beautiful.

• We get new versions of the script as we are starting to shoot the movie. There is a color system to the revisions: white, blue, pink, green, yellow, goldenrod. This is the pink script.

Amazon.com has hundreds of comedy CDs, including classics from Jackie Mason, Robert Klein, Don Rickles, and Phyllis Diller.

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