How many oatmeal cookies could you make out of a 145-gram egg? Well, that was the size of an egg one Abilene chicken laid on Monday. (Normal chicken eggs weigh 45 to 55 grams).

Greg Kendall-Ball of the Abilene Reporter-News trekked out to Cookie Smith’s home to see the marvel, which she dubbed a “mutant super egg.”

“I brought it in to show (her husband) Leonard, and he just said, ‘Bless her heart,'” Smith said, according to Kendall-Ball. But Smith was unable to determine which of her three “scrawny little” hens had laid the egg.

Curious about what it could contain, Smith cracked the egg, and discovered, in addition to the whites and yolk, that there was another fully-formed egg inside. The eggs didn’t make it into any batter, however, as Smith worried that something might be wrong with it.

The remarkable egg even earned a mention on NPR’s Morning Edition Friday.