IT’S NOT THE HEAT, IT’S THE ECCENTRICITY If you’re the type of person who gets tired of festivals in which the highlight is a parade of Shriners in small cars, mark the weekend of July 25, when a few events around the state promise to be a little different. Take the Great Mosquito Festival in Clute: Where else will you find a Ms. Quito beauty pageant, a mosquito chase, a mosquito-calling contest, and a Mr. and Mrs. Mosquito Legs contest? You’ll see 64 dachshunds zip down a seventy-yard sprint course at the Wiener Dog Summer Invitational in Galveston. And the Running of the Bull Festival in Eldorado features several kinds of bull, including biggest lie, best pun, and your own creative category of BS. If, by chance, you find all these curiosities boring, there’s always the Shriners. (See Galveston: Sports; and Eldorado.)